Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Babies Shower

How pretty are these cookies my sister EmmaLee made? They even tasted good!

27 Weeks- sitting down is not a good look for me. And Shelby is only one week less pregnant than me. What a difference!

My sisters and mom threw me a lovely little shower a couple weeks ago. Always fun to see all my friends and family and eat good treats. Always awkward to open gifts in front of people and hope I'm being enthusiastic enough. I really got a lot of cute things for these little girls, and it made me pretty excited.

I also had an ultrasound today (28.5 weeks) and she estimates that each baby weighs about 2 lbs 10 oz. I'm carrying around over 5 pounds of baby already! Plus 15 pounds of...other stuff. Someone buy me a mumu.


amanda and clay said...

You're so adorable! And you look fantastic for being 27 weeks pregnant, even if there wasn't TWO! Can't wait to meet these gals! Leo is excited too ;)

Brooke said...

My grandma has a few mumu's that I would consider borrowing. Just saying.