Thursday, May 2, 2013

Confessions, Pt. 3: Family Edition

- One day I realized I hadn't seen the last two Twilight movies, so we watched ALL 5. Each night I would watch one and say "So bad. This is SO. BAD" (Jacob would pretend to agree) but then proceed to watch the next movie the following night. It's ok, our next marathon is Hobbit and LOTR.

- Clark gets way too excited about cat food commercials.

- Every time I wear any sort of stretchy pants Jacob says "ooo, love these!" (but he'd probably be embarrassed that I share that). He'll be glad to know that I'll be spending most of the next 4-5 months in yoga pants. So hot.

- The missionaries show up unannounced once a week. EVERY time I say, "Hurry turn the T.V. off. We're not home!" My husband, of course, not only welcomes them in to chat for hours, he gives them candy on their way out to ensure they'll keep coming back.

- Clark truly believes we can't see him when he does this and I say "Where's Clark?"

- When I was a child my brother would always play the piano, but he only knew two songs: "Carol of the Bells" and "Do You Hear the People Sing?" from Les Mis. I switched up the words to the latter and would sing along to his intense, spastic playing: "Do you hear the chickens sing? Singing the song of angry hens? It is the voices of the chickens who will not lay eggs again!" Oh wait, that's not a confession. That belongs in the category Reasons I'm Cool.

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