Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Around the Nursery

I keep thinking I should get pictures of our home, but the I think "no, I'm not done decorating yet." But I'm guessing I never will be, and I always regret not documenting the places we live--not to show off how stylishly we live (bahaha), just for memory sake. Hopefully someday when we're LOADED, we'll look back sentimentally on our humble beginnings. That's a joke too.

For starters, here are some details of Clark's nursery. I just wanted it to be kiddy and bright and make him happy (despite the tan walls that we can't paint over). Seriously, I see babies with fancier rooms than I'll ever have as an adult. Gag. So here's some nice phone pictures of my son's very cheap room.

I slaved over every one of those pom-poms

I like finding nursery art online, and then shamelessly copy-catting it. 

These were way harder to make than they should've been, but they're nice and soft so it's ok when he pulls them down on himself when he should be napping. 

stuff I found around my parents' house and garage sales

What else am I supposed to do with stuffed animals?


s.s. bazodi said...

Cute! Overly themed or decorated baby rooms are crazy- sooooo much money. I took a picture in Mexico this week that I thought you might like for Clark's room. I'll send it.

Lari said...

WHOA! You stole that book from my childhood! Please protect it with your life.