Thursday, February 28, 2013

Something you won't usually catch me blogging about

but I just have to vent a little. I'm loving my internship and learning a lot. But I've noticed--especially this week as we've been promoting a new swimsuit line--people think it's ok to insult another woman's weight IF said woman is thin. Guess what? It's not.

I mean listen to some of these:
And many more about how the swimsuit wasn't flattering on her and would look so much better on someone curvy. Now just imagine the OUTRAGE if anyone dared to say "This would look a lot better on someone thinner" or "This model is disturbingly fat! Not good!". Because that would be really mean, but it goes both ways. Oh and by the way, the model was a perfectly healthy, athletic-looking woman.

First of all, some people are just thin! It doesn't mean she's starving herself or that she's "sick". Growing up, I was pretty scrawny despite loving food and treats and being fairly lazy, and that was fine (aside from occasional rude comments). Having a baby gave me hips (and boobs for a sec), and that's wonderful too! But people really, truly just come in a variety of shapes. I know it's been said a million times, but it's true. Ya, I'm sure most of us could do a little more to be our healthiest, but even if we were all on the exact same diet and exercise regimen, there would be SO MUCH variety (which we all know is the spice of we should celebrate, in harmony! Thanks Ariel.).

Second of all, do we really need to point out each other's flaws? Because I'm pretty sure we all do enough of that to ourselves. I'd elaborate, but you can just go watch the end of "Mean Girls".

Last thing, enough of this "real woman" crap. I don't have to have junk in the trunk to be real. We're all "real" (unless you're a robot, sorry).

Ok, I'm done... unless you leave a snarky comment and I feel the need to defend myself.


Andrea said...

Amen! I got so much of that crap when I was pregnant. Why can't people just be happy for a person who has a healthy weight?

Hailey Roper said...

You have no idea how much I love this. I've been talking a lot to Jordan about this type of thing lately. I'm sick of people emphasizing appearance (weight, clothes, etc.) rather than what is really important about the person they are talking to/about (or, in this case, insulting). I'd rather know someone and compliment them on their accomplishments on the great things they are doing in life rather than the cute shirt they are wearing or how skinny they are looking. I could go on and on (which I kind of already have), so I'll just stop now :)

amanda and clay said...

Ditto! Loved this post. The comments on that swimsuit pic made me role my eyes... hardly any of them commented on the actual swimsuit, just her body (which I agree with you, looked muscular and healthy to me!). Oh, girls...

Suzanne M said...

Thanks for this post, Natalli! Obviously, I'm on the other end of the curve but I really do believe that it goes every which way. Whether you are short, tall, fat, skinny, or just average in all areas, it isn't nice to talk about others in a negative way. That is one of the biggest reasons I hate internet communication and social media. People feel like they can say anything they want because they're behind a computer and don't have to confront that person. 75% of the rude things said on the internet probably wouldn't be said to someone's face. It is so sad how cowardly and rude people have gotten with Twitter and other social media sites. There are so many reasons why I love social media but that one negative reason outweighs all others.

Brooke said...

This is great. Thank you for voicing your opinion about this... I'm sure a lot more people would agree with you, but this feels like such a taboo issue that I think we don't like to open our mouths about! Your blog is darling :)