Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween 2012

Over the weekend we got Clark into costume and took him to the stake trunk-or-treat. When I first saw the carnival that had been created in the stake center, I got really excited. Then I remembered that I was too old and my child was too young to participate. So we grabbed some food and left.

When I was making his costume I forgot that babies grow really fast, so it's just a little snug

On real Halloween Clark had playgroup, and all the little babies came in costume. It was a whole lot of cute to take in!

Princess Leia, gnome, robot, tiger, ladybug, owl, frog, ballerina

I think Clark's trying to pick a fight.

Last year at this time, while dressed as "16 and Pregnant", I couldn't wait to have a baby to get me free candy. When it actually came down to it, I just couldn't quite justify using a baby that everyone knows is way too young to eat candy. So instead I put Clark in his costume for our normal evening walk, and we went down the streets that were especially decorated. Lots of people here decorate their yards for Halloween; it's marvelous. I hope they get this into it at Christmas!


Amanda Cooper said...

Holy cute!!! I've never seen a more adorable gnome! And I love that it's a little snug ;) I love the look on his face in those group baby pictures... and the stroller one. Heck, I love them all.

amy said...

He's realllllly cute! And all those quaint little homes remind me of CT, I miss living in a cute little town.

s.s. bazodi said...

Baby Leia!!! That whole couch looks like a shelf of stuffed animals from Peter Piper know- the ones worth a lot of tickets.

Hailey Roper said...

Clark is ridiculously adorable! But you probably already know that. I have a female friend that I would like to set him up with. I think they have similar style:
Let me know if you approve. I can arrange it ;)