Thursday, April 26, 2012

Name and Blessing

On Sunday we were able to have Clark's baby blessing in Jacob's parent's ward. I was really glad we got to have so many friends and family there instead of doing it in California where we know nobody. We had a little lunch after at his parent's house. It was all perfect.
I got ready and everything! I was a little worried my baby wouldn't recognize me sans glasses, greasy ponytail, and crusty T-shirt.

And while I'm (sort of) on the topic of names, I'll share how the babe got his name. It started with a pretty long list which got narrowed down for months until we were down to 2 or 3 favorites. We got Clark from his Grandma's maiden name. We thought we would keep a few names in mind and then decide which suited him best when we saw him. Good idea in theory. Not in practice.

When we saw him neither of us had slept for 24 hours, I was drugged, and he didn't come looking like a certain name. Duhh. I don't know why I was expecting it to just come to us when we saw him, because it totally didn't. I said I would pick the middle name if Jacob picked the first. I held up my end, but he didn't want that much responsibility, so we did a lot of "You choose." "No, you choose." "Mom, you pick." Finally I said "ok pick a number!" No really, we named our child by picking a number.

But I think it suites (at first anything we called him felt weird). And I don't know if we could have picked a better namesake. Jacob's grandma is one of the most genuinely kind and selfless people I've ever met, and thanks to her, we've had a place to stay for almost free the past three years.

So that's how Clark became Clark. And then it was brought to our attention that he could also be CJ which doesn't really fit at the moment, but maybe someday he'll be glad to have the option?


Andrea said...

Haha oh dear, that's our plan for naming our baby, too! (to have a few to choose from and then see which one he looks most like) We'll see how it goes! p.s. I love the name Clark for your baby boy:)

Anonymous said...

I'll have you know, although it's a solid name, I won't ever be calling him CJ haha. I'll stick to Clarky-poo, even when he's 37 ^_^