Friday, March 2, 2012

another one of these

Yike, stripes!

This complementary bump update is dedicated to my friend Olivia who likes belly pictures probably even more than I do (I like other people's. Not my own).

Right now I'm so in love with this prenatal yoga and the super hippy lady narrating it. She makes me feel a lot better about giving birth... and holding squats for 5 minutes. Hey lady, come here when I go into labor!

I also love that while I've never felt so huge, I've never had so many people call me "tiny". Some weird pregnancy paradox. Can't complain.
Now I've got a date with girl scout cookies, Downton Abbey, and some sewing patterns--next best thing to my husband, who often works on Friday nights.

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dasrls said...

So exciting! You look great!