Sunday, January 15, 2012

Semester #8, Week 28

I'm taking a pretty light load of classes this semester, because I really only needed one more class to graduate. I decided to still go full-time though, because everyone will start taking money away from us if I'm part-time.
So along with my advanced writing and an editing class, I'm taking Floral Design and ASL 101 (I've already taking all of the classes above this one). And ASL is a block class, so by the time baby comes I'll only be in three classes. I'm still a little worried about how crazy things are going to get in a few months, but I'm loving all my classes so far!

 Jacob says I need to keep posting bump pictures, so here is a 28 week update.

blehh. I hate getting dressed every morning.


The Watson's said...

Don't hate it, embrace it. You look beautiful!

amanda and clay said...

I agree with "The Watson's"!! You are the cutest pregnant person and you always look so great!

Hailey Roper said...

Natalli, you look so cute! You really are the cutest little pregnant gal.