Saturday, October 8, 2011

little visits

Sometimes when I get home from school, I have a little visitor waiting for me (usually not bearing a large egg).

If school has made me grumpy or overwhelmed I think "uhhh, I'm too tired for this". But I always end up being thoroughly entertained and enjoying her company. Some of my favorite moments:

She told me about one of her mom's friends being pregnant, and I said "Oh she has a baby in her tummy?!" and she responded, "NO! It's in her uterus!"

We decided to watch The Wizard of Oz one afternoon and she asked, "Does this movie have a robot in it?" I told her no and then figured out that she was referring to the tinman.

She came over while we were in the middle of a movie and wanted to play on our tablet thing so Jacob told her to go play it in the closet, which she did. For a long time. In his defense, it's the only separate room in our apartment besides the bathroom.

I love kids at this age. Why can't we all be four-years-old forever?

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