Tuesday, May 17, 2011

I've been watching very little TV lately.

My weekend. in bullet form. because I'm too lazy to think of clever transitions and junk.

  • went to the farm with Jacob and his dad, rode in the tractor (had "She Thinks My Tractor's Sexy" in my head the whole time), painted crap, told them I was never coming back.
  • went to Gilbert to help Bethany prepare for bridals, shot video of her and Blake while they got pictures taken
  • went out to Scottsdale for Megan and Bethany's combined bachelorette partayyy, ate delicious Italian food + frozen yogurt
  • had a sleepover with Megynn and Olivia, talked and talked and laughed alot
  • about to drive back to Queen Creek when Bethany says, "Let's go to H and M", couldn't resist, waited for Em, shopped for hours, went to the happiest place on earth (a gelato shop)
  • finally went back to QC in time for Emily's voice recital, played with Jacob and Emily for the rest of the night
  • went to church, got a surprise calling in nursery (you never want your father-in-law to be the bishop)
  • played Mario Party allll day
  • went to my parents' for dinner
  • went to Steven's to play BUZZ

And yesterday I did nothing. The end.


amy said...

It's about time you got a nursery calling. It's mandatory for young newly wed women. I served 5 yrs in 3 different nurseries... just this year I graduated to a real calling.

PS- It's great birth control.

Olivia said...

Twas a great sleep over... You'll lead her down the path of righteousness, and I'll lead her down the path that ROCKS