Sunday, February 20, 2011

to the movies

We went to see this with some friends last night. It was really really good and, aside from one cussing outburst, very PG.

Beyond having a good story, it was just pretty to look at. Like I couldn't stop staring at this wall and that couch. Oh and all of the previews looked like really good movies, too. I was especially happy to see that they're making a new "Jane Eyre", one of my favorite books.


Shums said...

you're getting kicked out! jk, i really want to see it but don't want to go alone... do you think landon would enjoy it?

Anonymous said...

Me too! I also loved the costumes. If I could get away with wearing a waistcoat all the time, I probably would. D'you think that wall is just layers and layers of torn-off wallpaper? That's what I was thinking when I saw it. Would be hard to replicate.