Sunday, December 26, 2010

holly and jolly

We are in good ol AZ for Christmas Break and it has been fantastic so far. I love Christmas time, 75 degree weather, and spending time with both of my families! It's been really nice to just relax and not feel like I should be studying something.

Our first morning here was spent at the swap meet where we found many treasures, as usual. Jacob's sister, Emily, got her wisdom teeth out at the beginning of the week, so I kept her entertained by having Sims "House-off"s, making crafts, and playing Super Mario Brothers. Jacob's been having fun playing tennis with my brothers, Cities and Knights, and Castle Crashers.

On Christmas Adam, my sisters and I got footage for this little gem (if you weren't convinced that my mom is the coolest person ever, you should be now!). Then I got to see a lot of my friends at a Christmas party!
On Christmas Eve, we went to my house for the annual Smith Family Christmas Eve party. After our turkey dinner, the Christmas Elvises brought us our pjs. Then we had our talent show and white elephant gift exchange! Late on Christmas Eve, I was informed that I was responsible for filling Jacob's stocking! WHAT?! Luckily, my dad and sisters went with me, in matching pajamas, on a late-night adventure to find ANY store open on Christmas Eve at 10:30. Walgreens came to the rescue, and I was able to find some lovely stocking stuffers. We stayed up way too late watching a Lifetime original Christmas movie and waiting for our husbands to get back from helping a certain brother-in-law put together a ping pong table.

Singing with the grandkids and papa in the talent show

Sisters. modeling our new pjs.

Christmas morning was wonderful, and I got everything I ever wanted, plus some. After we finished up at my house, we headed over to the Ellsworth's for more fun. I love double Christmas! We had dinner with his grandparents and played card games.

Tonight we had Cafe Rio salads and Karaoke Night at Steven and Adina's. We had a couples sing-off, and Jacob and I graced everyone with our beautiful rendition of "I Don't Wanna Miss a Thing". Somehow the mike kept coming back to me and/or Amy


Melinda said...

You guys have so much fun together! Wish we had a big family that wanted to do things together! Good to see you last night!

Shums said...

Thank you for posting such a hott pic of me! I have a few gems to post myself... consider yourself warned!