Thursday, December 2, 2010

Favorite Things

Today I will tell you some of our favorite items of 2010. Yes, our material objects define us. So, I present ....
Jacob and Natalli's Favorite Things 2010!
Disclaimer: Nobody in the audience is getting ANYTHING today.

Since we both eat like birds, our food always goes bad. This keeps our onions fresh. hoooray

These are magic gloves. They are magic because they fit practically anyone and come in a variety of colors for only 99 cents.
We don't have a sock monkey. But we have some socks that look like the kind of socks you would make a sock monkey out of. Technically they are Jacob's, but I've been wearing them a lot lately which is causing some marital problems...but they are still our favorite!

O.M.G. We LOVE our Hi-Gliders. Feels like a crayon, writes like a highlighter without leaking to the next page! We have them in every color and they are my most valuable studying tool.

There are two kinds of people in this world: people who snug and people who don't. We are proud owners/wearers of matching Snuggies.

Catan Online World. Because it wasn't nerdy enough to play Catan every weekend with our friends..

Sister Wives is probably the most fascinatingly awkward show I have ever seen. Watch it.

We go through a 24 pack of these WAY too fast. One serving of fruit, one serving of vegetables, and soo delicious!

We didn't want to conform and get Netflix like everyone else, so we got the Blockbuster copy cat.
actually, I think we were just too lazy to cancel the free trial that came with our blue-ray player (I still don't get what a blue ray is or why we had to buy a player, but w/e)
Some of the movies that will be on our Blockbuster cue for the next month which we will watch while eating popcorn and drinking hot coacoa or chocolate milk. with our snuggies.

J- let me know if I'm forgetting anything


Shums said...

2 things. A:Where/How do you play Catan online? There is only one couple here who plays with us and they usually break the rules. B: Sister Wives is amazing.

Lari said...

What in the world is sister wives
and please tell me they each have
Their own spouse ? Natalli you make
Life look joyful. Why does this stupid thing capitalize every line or go on forever without starting a new line.