Sunday, October 24, 2010

Livin for the Weeekend

This weekend, we went on a triple-date with some of Jacob's other married friends. We got fries and shakes at Sammy's and played a never-ending game of Catan. After about THREE hours, we all turned into monsters. It was scary. and fun.
On Saturday, we went over to the Duffy's to crave pumpkins, eat caramel apples, and watch the Labyrinth ( I guess people thought it would be scary? Just reminded me of being a kid..). I love doing festive things for holidays! and i love caramel apples!
I also worked on halloween costumes and got nooo homework done. oops

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Melinda said...

Glad you have good friends to hang with. You guys do fun stuff! BTW I ate 4 candy apples last week. mmmmmmm