Friday, October 1, 2010

getting oooold

Last weekend we went Fillmore, UT for Jacob's 5 year reunion. Don't most people just do a 10 year? Anyway, out of his graduating class of a whopping 75, about 20 people and their spouses came. We were pretty much just hanging out with his friends that we normally hang out with, but it was fun to meet a few of his other classmates. After the volleyball tournament, we went to Jordan's farm to ride a zipline. To get up, we had to climb a really tall ladder up a tower and I am terrified of heights/climbing (so much that I tend to freak out whoever's with me). Once I got over my fear, it was really fun! Then there was dinner + a raffle, and we won some pretty sweet prizes.

Now I'm feeling pretty old. Or at least that I'm married to someone old.. Ok not really. But sometimes I feel like a grown up. Like when I go to the grocery store all by myself and get our weekly groceries to make dinners I'm sometimes like "woah this is such a grown-up thing to do!" Or when Jacob is always wearing a tie and dress shirt because he's becoming a business man. It's pretty weird and kinda cool. I don't know why I'm surprised every time I realize that I'm not 16 anymore! I'm losing it already..


Shums said...

I still picture you as a 4yr old, which makes me almost 12. That seems about right, then I remember I have a kid... THAT makes you old!

Melinda said...

You girls are grwoing up! That means I am getting old.