Friday, September 24, 2010

They call him the angel

Jacob turned 24 yesterday! I'm so proud.
Sometimes I get really excited to give people gifts, so I made Jacob open all of his the night before (and then remembered that they weren't even that cool). Really, I forced him.
On his real birthday, we went to Chili's with lots of friends and had cake and ice cream at the Cooper's afterwords. We also watched the season premier of The Office, which made me LOL on several occasions.

288 month stats:
Weight: 20th percentile
Height: 45th percentile
Skin Tone: glowingggg

okok jk. I'm done. But I sure am glad he's around!
This reminded me of him. I'll bet you anything he did that.



Em said...

Hope he had a fabulous day!!! Did you make the cake? Where are the pics?

Lari said...

WEll, the towel comment was interesting. Your work looks like a fine place. It sounds kind of like my job minus the blood, barf and whining.