Saturday, June 19, 2010

That explains why you're so refined. Ya, and so oily.

Jacob and a few of the other guys decided to take a day off so we could all go to Schlitterbahn! I love saying that word. Schlitterbahn is a really cool water park in Galveston. It was really fun and it's always refreshing to hear Jacob scream like a little girl. ;)I still can't believe I went down that white one. It was the steepest one I've ever seen, and I am scared of heights.

Afterward, Clay and Amanda came with us to explore Galvaston. It's the coolest place. Everything is on stilts and there are some eerie abandoned buildings from the hurricane. I especially love this hotel, because we could see furniture in the rooms still.Cweeepy.
Amanda and I fully intend on returning and exploring it. Our boys were too scared.
We also played on a beach for 2.3 minutes before we decided it was dinner time! We ate out on the deck of a restaurant. You know, the kind with big red, green, and yellow bulbs hanging everywhere. It was really nice out and made me feel like I was on vacation. After we ate, we found this Christian worship sing-a-long on the beach. Of course we sat and listened to the whole thing. An "oil spill shell"

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Emily Hammerslag said...

I've seen show's about that Water Park on the Travel Channel!! That's so cool that you got to go! :)