Monday, June 7, 2010

I'd hit that.

We made a pinata.
Not sure why we felt it was necessary to paper mache a cardboard box, but it sure was fun. Some paint and tissue paper later...
It's a basketball jersey. Obviously.

The birthday boy attempting to break it open. He started smothering under his "blindfold" before he could.

Not to worry. Jacob brought his machete.


♥JenCoop♥ said...

It was definitely a hit. I'm requesting that you make one for Lyla's birthday too...even though you'll be gone...and she won't be able to swing at it.

Lari said...

WAIT! Does he have the pinata on his head? Who is it? I hope Jacob didn't use the machete as the bat for the the pinata! That was a SWEET gift you gave Blake. I kind of want one for my birthday.