Saturday, June 12, 2010

Feeeelin' Grooovy

I spent most of yesterday (and the day before) sitting here:
With this on my iTunes

But I'm not completely antisocial. I also did P90X with my lady friends.
Then at night, I sat with Jacob out on our deck and pretended I was at the beach because it's very humid and breezy here. I talked and talked and sometimes he talked a little bit. Then he tried to tickle torture me when I was trying to sleep. Whoever lives on the other side of that wall must have thought someone was being murdered.
I love being in school, but I'm also enjoying this temporary stay-at-home wife thing.


Em said...

Please show pics of what you've been sewing, and how do you like Tony? He's a slimy cheeseball, but I do P90X when I feel like it. I mix it up with my pilates dvds.

Brookelyn said...

I treaded water for 20 minutes today...good? umm and I'm soooo excited for you to make me something!