Saturday, May 15, 2010

I like looking through people's stuff. Sue me.

Just when I think I know Jacob pretty well, I'm pleasantly surprised.
This week I learned that he's very sentimental. Upon discovering this box, I immediately went through it and found...-the usual cards and notes from friends, family, and myself
-tickets/programs to every concert, ballet, and basketball game he ever took me to
-every one of his high school I.D. cards
-a little toy we won at a mini golf arcade
and other random tidbits. So I concluded that he's gushier than I ever knew... or in the first stages of hoarding.
I love this boy.


Brookelyn said...

hoarding for sure. jk that's cute...but can he keep it up? either you guys will have to stop doing things together or he's gonna need a bigger box. my vote is for a hope chest

Em said...

I like to snoop around too.