Wednesday, March 24, 2010

How it really went down.

Aside from not getting a break from school, last week was actually quite fun. Jacob's mom and sister came up to visit (his other two sisters live up here) so we got to play with them for most of the week. We forced Emily and Heather to stay up all night playing video games with us and nearly exceeded our apartments maximum capacity of 4.
We played Mario Kart for a while, but I was getting too competitive so we had to switch to Super Mario Brothers. The four of us are the dream team on this game (we played it together all Christmas Break). I just don't have nearly as much fun playing it with anyone else.
You bet your bottom dollar I squished right in between those two. I don't think I've laughed so hard in a long time. Tears-falling hard. Allll night long.

On Thursday I didn't have class til 1:30, so Marcia took us girls to lunch. Then we did a little shopping. I'm glad I like my in-laws!

Over the weekend, Jacob and I watched his cousins while their parents were out of town. We took them to 5 Guys for burgers then to the grocery store to pick out treats for our slumber party. Back at their house, we built this really great fort which we spent the next 3 days in. We ate treats, watched Star Wars, played the Wii and played Monopoly. Jacob always wins. I always lose and join his team (like marriage). We also played at the park on Saturday, so we're not that lazy.

The whole time, this girl kept being like "Don't tell my mom we're doing this/eating this."


Brookelyn said...

Sounds like fun! But all I can think of now is 5 girls in a basement--due to your blog post title.

Keri-"This is how it really went down... bam bam" Me in a really high pitched voice-"I lost my bunny ears."
you or Devaun- "can we just watch it now?"
Olivia pops up and makes really weird noise "ouewgh!"

The End.

Heather said...

too competitive, i don't think so, i just kept winning so you decided to pick super mario

and i am glad you like us too or that would be sad