Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Lari said... "You are WAY cuter than that prostitute looking girl. You are just perfect the way you are!"
This is just one of the many reasons my mom is the best. For my whole life she was telling me and my sisters how we were the prettiest, the most talented, and the smartest girls in the world.

Clearly she was mistaken. I did know she was exaggerating, but I almost believed her. By the time I realized that I was not in fact as amazing as she said, I didn't even care. Thanks mum!


Melinda said...

She is the best and you all are so cute! Love you gals

Em said...

Mom - exaggerate? NEVER!

Lari said...

Well, why in the world would I lie? It is ABSOLUTE truth. I never saw a prettier girl in the whole world than my gorgeous gals! AND that also goes for brains and talent.