Monday, February 22, 2010


To stick with the theme of making a fool of weekend:
I was really excited for this weekend, because Donelle and her hub were having a little open house right here in Utah! I was so excited in fact that I invited my ex-roomate, Devaun, and would-be bff, Emma. They both accepted the invite, and Devaun even brought a date! So Friday night rolled around, and we all drove out to Salem (that's about 30 minutes away). When we arrived at the house, it was suspiciously dark. That's when we decided to look at the invitation and realize that the reception was actually on Saturday (the next night).
O.k. it was really funny, but I had to pretend it wasn't because I felt so bad. Devaun was also shouting threats over the phone (they had gotten lost along the way), so I was a little scared for my life. Once a blond, always a blond?

On a happier note, I was feeling pretty thrifty/crafty so I bought this awful dress from D.I. and attempted to make it...less awful.

This picture is truly frumpy and embarrassing on many levels,
but here it is before :
And here it is after:

It's not fantastic, but for $4, I like it.
Plus, I added a ruffle.


Em said...

Go Natty, Go! I hope you made it to the real open house!

Marinne said...

cute dress!

Melinda said...

What a good job. Very cute

Brookelyn said...

nice, make me a dress, my birthday is coming up...

emma said...

oooh i like your dress fixin! AND every time i think of our misadventure, i laugh sooo hard. i love it!

You Are My Fave said...

I've very impressed with your dress redo. I would have never thought to buy the original dress.