Saturday, November 7, 2009

Remember how in Kate and Leopold (I stand corrected), her neighbor plays "Moon River" at the same time every night? Same thing here, except every night at 9 pm trumpets start playing. It's not half as pleasant as Moon River.

Last night I learned that I'm really bad at pool, but I like it.

Also, we got called to teach sunday school for the 14-year-olds (all boys). I'm kinda scared of them, since I was 14 probably a year ago. Pray for me.


Kambria Smith said...

er. wrong. it's Kate and Leo that has the moon river neighbor. Plus jakey played trumpet didn't he? go over and join them. Neighbors are the best!!

Em said...

Good luck with your class! They'll think you guys are cool cuz' you're young... or they won't listen cuz' they'll think you're not grown ups.

Lari said...

One of my favorite piano pieces as a kid was "Moon River!" I love, lvoe, love, love it. It is very soothing. You will be a great teacher. Why are there no girls? I still think you are 7 so 14 is pretty grown up.