Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Anything You Can Do

When Bethany was in town we went to a craft market and saw lots of cute stuff, but the whole time we found ourselves saying "oh we could make that, easily". It runs in the family. We all refuse to spend money on something we could make.
So I embellished this shirt.
haha maybe I should leave it to the experts after all...or keep practicing.

I also made some of these. What should I do with them?


Em said...

Good job on the shirt. Why do we all like to make stuff? I always think of new projects, and never have enough time to do all of them. I could spend all day making things if I didn't have other stuff to do. You could hang those circles on your Christmas tree with ribbon, or glue them on a headband, or pin them to a purse... the sky's the limit!

Amber said...

Maybe it's 3rd ward... my sisters and I are just like that, too. I just made a ton of those "yo-yo's" (are you impressed I know the name?) and put them on headbands. Put cute buttons in the middle of them for embellishments...