Tuesday, September 8, 2009


2 words- Dino Nuggets. What's not to love?

The best part is dipping them in ketsup right after biting the head off.. or leg {because it looks like blood}.

This doesn't count as Funky Lunches, does it Em? If so, sorry for going against everything you stand for.


Melinda said...

hahaha funny. DId you make these for dinner??? What a wonderful wife!! LOL

Brookelyn said...

I'm coming to your place for dinner! haha jk but I'm so glad you commented on my blog because you told me the wrong name and i was having trouble finding you!!!!!!!! but no worries, I'm back

Jacob and Natalli said...

nono these were lunch guys! I usually make real dinners..for now.
and im glad you found me!!

Bethany'sBazodi said...

whats not to love? what IS to love. ew. Here are the steps to make a dino-nug 1.take a hormone injected chicken grown in a test tube and place it (beak and all) into a blender. 2. Blend. 3. Pour into a dino mold. 4. Bake. 5. Every bite spit out rubbery balls of fat and bits of beak.http://www.associatedcontent.com/article/195157/exposing_mcdonalds_chicken_nuggets.html
Then watch this:http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0756729/
I really dont care about animals, i just think its gross.