Wednesday, September 23, 2009

ch ch ch changes

Today Jacob reached the ripe old age of 23. (yes, 23 on the 23rd. cool right?)

He grew up so fast.

And he turned out pretty great. And so in honor of his "golden birthday"... 23 things I love about Jacob:
1. he's the most thoughtful person I know
2. is really good at all video games, and my nephews love him for it
3. sometimes lets me beat him anyways {see #2}
4.whenever he says "serious", he says it like The Joker..or at least he thinks it sounds that way
5. does the dishes and won't let me touch them (he knows they're my least favorite)
6. pretends like he doesn't think I'm weird (or that my family is)
7. is a great fort-builder
8. will eat anything and pretend he loves it if it's something I made
9. has the best green eyes (like harry potter)
10. is a hard worker
11. never loses his temper
12. is the best whistler I ever heard
13. writes me notes
14. is tri-lingual
15. is a lot weirder than I expected
16. always wins the "claw" game (or so he says)
17. loves his mom
18. tries to embarrass me in the grocery store
19. has great taste in music
20. secretly loves interpretive dancing
21. is selfless- always asking what I want to do/eat/watch/etc.
22. grows facial hair real well (too well for BYU)
23. there are a million other things I could add to this list if I had the time

ok that was long. and corny. So if anyone read all that besides Jacob, congrats!

Happy Birthday punkin!!


Melinda said...

awww That was a sweet post! Happy Birthday Jacob! I think you are pretty cool too! I love he does the dishes for you.....LOL

Traci said...

that was so sweet! i thoroughly enjoyed reading that! i love you both! Nat, you are lucky, so are you Jabob!

BAM said...

Haha I just did the same thing about Jake on my blog! You and I, haha we eat corn for breakfast ;) You and Jacob are the cutest couple eeever, well- besides us.

Brookelyn said...

haha Natalli I was expecting a slow progression of photos but you just skipped from like 8 years old to 22 :) but happy birthday Jacob!

Em said...

He's great, especially since he endures our weirdness! We think you are perfect together!

Jacob and Natalli said...

well natalli may exaggerate sometimes about me. maybe 1/4 of those are really true. So pretty much the ones that contain the word weird and the one about how I love my mom. But, WHY was she letting me wear a Big Dog shirt (a.k.a. tall tee) and real short jean shorts especially to school pictures! oh well luckily nat didn't care. p.s. I am so lucky to be married to the most amazing girl in the world! and thanks everyone for the birthday wishes.

Shums said...

he and dad should have a "claw" off! i get to keep the prizes of course.

Lari said...

I like that he loves his mom and doesn't think we (Smith family) are weird. REALLY? That says volumes AND his eyes are WAY prettier than Harry's!

Lari said...

You will never believe that I hadn't read Jacob's comment and yet those were my 2 favorite comments and they were the truth!