Wednesday, August 26, 2009


For our honeymoon we went on a carribean(sp?) cruise. It was the perfect combo of fun and relaxation.
The first two days were "fun days at sea" = sleep all day. also an art auction which was pretty cool. On Monday night there was a formal dinner. Here we are on our balcony (apparently our room was real nice on cruise ship standards) in all our formal glory.
Then Tuesday and our 1st stop- Grand Cayman! We decided not to pay hundreds of extra dollars to do carnival's "Shore Excursions" and found a tour to go on once we were on the island.
We got to see the beautiful island and some historic sites and stuff. This is the first house built there..i think.

Then we went to Hell. Naturally.

It was reeally just this cool/ugly rock formation.

Then we played at the pretty beach for a while.

We did not in fact go swimming with dolphins, but I thought it would make a nice picture. I was right.

On Wednesday we went to Cozumel, Mexico. We explored and went snorkling at a lovely beach. We saw lots of beautiful fish and a large starfish, but nothing TOO exciting, because they caged us in. whatevs.

In Beliz we went on a tour with a really crazy/entertaining guy. It was an amazing place!

This was the oldest church in the world...or something like that ;)

Last stop- Isle Roatan. Our time here was pretty limited, so we just looked around shops and got souveniers for the children.

My favorite part of the trip=fooood. mostly treats.

Jacob's favorite part of the whole cruise=towel animals left for us each night

one night there wasn't an animal on our bed and he freaked. He was just about to call room service but then...

And no trip would be complete without a few ANTM shots.

ok thats all.


Em said...

I'm jealous! Looks like a ton of fun! James said the other day, "I finally have something to do besides playing the slingshot! That was nice of Jacob to get this for me!" They have been loving those, so thanks!

Amber said...

Sooo fun! I'm jealous, too. Did they put glasses on all those towel animals, or was that your special touch?

Erica said...

Love the ANTM poses. And why haven't I been on a cruise? We went to Uncle David's cabin in Park City for our honeymoon...yours was better.

m. estelle said...

shut up.

that was the best.

okay, you're great. hope to run into you soon.